The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer


Director - William A. Graham

Kevin Anderson
(Ira Einhorn)

Tom Skerritt
(Fred Maddux)

Naomi Watts
(Holly Maddux)

Brian Kerwin
(Saul Lapidus)



Fact-based story about Ira Einhorn (Kevin Anderson), a 70's peace-nik who is generally credited as one of the founders of Earth Day. In the late 60's and early 70's, Ira lived with Holly Maddux (Naomi Watts). But when she tries to leave him in 1977, she suddenly disappears. Later her body is discovered in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment. Let out on bail, Einhorn flees from the country and manages to elude authorities for years. Meanwhile he is convicted in absentia and sentenced to prison. Holly's father (Tom Skerritt) is determined to see his daughter's murderer brought to justice and has him tracked and is eventually caught in France in 1997.