A funny, sharply observed tale of an uneasy and emotionally charged New England family reunion. From the outside, they seem like a perfectly normal American family. But it's been three years since they have gathered together. Now the four adult children, Warren (Noah Wyle, Mia Julianne Moore), Jake (Michael Vartan) and Leigh (Laurel Holloman), are finally returning home for Thanksgiving to their eccentric, self-absorbed father (Roy Scheider) and their gentle mother (Blythe Danner. And, as if tensions weren't strained enough by this reunion, Mia and Jake bring along their significant others (Brian Kerwin and Hope Davis), and Warren is contacted by the ex-girlfriend (Arija Bareikis) he has been pining for.

Myth of Fingerprints

Director - Bart Freundlich

Blythe Danner

Brian Kerwin

Julianne Moore

Noah Wyle