In this film by director Francis Ford Coppola, Robin Williams stars as Jack, a boy who is growing normally, but at many times the normal rate. In a bizarre flashback, we see that he was born when his mother was only ten weeks pregnant. Kept out of school for years, the neighborhood children consider him a freak, and generally avoid him. He is finally required to go to public school, and we catch up to him as he enters the fourth grade for the first time, a 10-year-old boy who appears to be a fully grown man in his 40s.


Director -Francis Ford Coppola

Robin Williams
(Jack Charles Powell)

Diane Lane
(Karen Powell)

Brian Kerwin
(Brian Powell)

Jennifer Lopez
(Miss Marquez)

Bill Cosby
(Lawrence Woodruff)

Fran Drescher
(Dolores 'D.D.' Durante)