The tongue-in-cheek series centered on Rob Malone, President of LGT, and his efforts to boost the network's sagging ratings with Lori Volpone, the scheming Vice-President of Development, and Malcolm Laffley, a man who came out of the closet to clear himself of sexual harassment charges levied against him by a woman. Each episode provided amusing insight into how a network runs, from how its executives deal with temperamental stars to how they make big budget deals while trying to keep the network financially stable.


Beggars and Choosers
June 1999 to December 2000.

Developed by
Peter Lefcourt and
Brandon Tartikoff

Brian Kerwin
(Rob Malone)

Charlotte Ross
(Lori Volpone)

Tuc Watkins
(Malcolm Laffley)

Isabella Hofmann
(Cecile Malone)

Carol Kane
(Lydia "L.L." Luddin)

Beau Bridges
(Dan Falco)