Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Season: 1 Episode: 20
Aired: 3/2/1983


James Sheldon

Peter Horton
(Crane McFadden)

Richard Dean Anderson
(Adam McFadden)

Drake Hogestyn
(Brian McFadden)

River Phoenix
(Guthrie McFadden)

Guest Star:
Brian Kerwin

Adam, a star of the 1972 Murphys High School basketball team, expects to have a good time reliving that championship season at his classes tenth reunion. But six head of cattle stolen from the McFadden ranch, follwed by a murder, draw Adam away from the reunion. As he, Brian and Crane arm themselves to lead the search for the rustlers, Adam can't help but wonder at the coincidence that his old friend, Mike, after years away, returns to start up a cattle ranch.