For now, affable, easygoing Brian is content with playing Deputy Hawkins, a normal guy without neuroses or craziness. "The character is real straitlaced and proud of his uniform. He's the dream that Serpico had when he went into the police force--the cop as servant of the people."


But Kerwin insists he's quite far from the charager: "I've always disliked cops. I've never gotten along with them." As for being straitlaced, well, Brian may look the part, but he's not. Really. "I have a very loose set of morals," he says, "if I even have a set of morals, in terms of convential thinking.


Right off the bat, Brian establishes himself as an outspoken guy who's half all-American boy and half "thug."


During his few breaks in shooting Brian sometimes gets to think about his future and the possibility of movie stardom. "It isn't especially the stardom I'm shooting for," he insists, "because I can't imagine what's personally to be gained through fame and fortune. I mean, it's fun being rich, and it can be fun being famous. I can also be a pain and, besides, I've had an awful lot of good times when I was broke."


Being a star is when the finest work comes your way, as Kerwin well knows. "The best projects right now are being handed first to John Travolta, Richard Gere, and Nick Nolte," he says, a bit frustrated. "Soon, I'd like to be handed those projects also."





Excerpts from ...


July 22, 1980

"There's a Real Character Lurking Behind Lobo's Straightlaced
Deputy Hawkins"

by Michael Musto