Excerpts from ...

Teen Beat - September 1980

"Meet Brian Kerwin,
The Hot New Hunk from
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo "


He's six feet tall, with blond hair and sea blue eyes. He's so incredibly good looking, that Brian Kerwin could easily be mistaken for Robert Redford or Nick Nolte.


But Brian Kerwin doesn't want to be compared to anyone. A hard-working actor, he's looking to stretch his acting muscles in as many different types of roles as possible and establish his own distinctive reputation.

For Brian, the series is a full-time job, occupying his time so much that he really has little time for a personal life. "I have no real time for dating," he explains. "I easily work twelve hours a day, five days a week." The time that remains is usually dedicated to learing new scripts and resting. The hiatus from filming is spent on other projects. For example, Brian just shot a Love Boat episode in which he plays the love interest for Happy Days star Erin Moran.


The series has catapulted Brian into the star category almost overnight and he finds the attention fans give him overwhelming. "We did the Azalea Festival Parade -- which is like this big Mardi Gras type thing in in Wilmington, South Carolina -- and we were the number one show there and without exaggeration, it was like the Beatles coming to town. We came in six-thirty in the morning and there were a hundred people out at the airport. We had a police escort into town. People were plastered against the windows. And they were running up and trying to touch us. Girls were just running up and saying "Give us a kiss."


How does Brian react to all this attention? He loves it because it means there's approval for his acting talents. One thing he does want to assure his fans is that all of his fan mail is read and answered.