Excerpts from ...

Teen Beat - August 1980

"What Brian Kerwin Wants and
Needs From His Fans"


"I'm not related to Lance Kerwin...Lance is not my younger brother!" Brian insists. When The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo's Brian Kerwin first came on the scene, he had to deal with an awful lot of misinformation. Automatically, everyone thought he was teen star Lance Kerwin's brother, or at least cousin...


Well, Brian got the jobs -- "an usher at Grauman's Chinese Restaurant, working as an animator on those fruity-juicy Hawaiian Punch commercials, building a minature golf course" -- and eventually a role on The Young and the Restless.


Brian wasn't very happy doing the soap opera -- there were a lot of personality conflicts between him and the producer -- so when he was released from his contract early, he claims he felt "relieved."

Instead of falling apart after a losing role, Brian bounced right back -- right in the part of Birdie on Sheriff Lobo! That was a red letter day for the 24-year old actor. After, "I walked out of that meeting, I had a five o'clock meeting with the people at Quinn Martin for a TV-movie with Buddy Ebsen they eventually called The Paradise Connection," he recalls. "The next day my agent called and said, 'Boom! You got both of them and they're back-to-back.' It's funny, you know. You go for weeks and even months and nothing happens -- and then all hell breaks loose!"


Because of Sheriff Lobo, Brian's become something of a TV heartthrob and he sort of finds it all very funny. As a matter of fact, he scoffs at his pretty-boy image, saying: "I don't think I've gotten anywhere with my looks. I was checking the mirror this morning and my hair's coming out in handfulls back there. A bald all-American boy!"


However, Brian can't deny he's building up a massive fan club. Kids are screaming to meet him and though he's a little bit surprised about it all, he admits: "Well, if I become a teen idol like John Travolta, I wouldn't mind! He did Welcome Back, Kotter and now that guy's got all the best properties in this town coming his way. That's what I'd like aobut that."