Excerpts from ...

Teen Beat - November 1980

"A Walk on the Wild Side
with Sheriff Lobo's
Brian Kerwin"


He may look like the boy next door, but Brian Kewin is really more like the kid down the block who's known for his practical jokes!


He's well known for his sense of humor and his sense of daring. "I have a very loose set of morals," he laughs and then explains that he's been known to stretch the law just a bit. While he "wouldn't do anything socially harmful -- like arson," Brian claims he really walked on the wild side as a kid. He never really hurt anyone, but he admits, "Once I spent a whole night trying to steal vehicles from the post office. Yep, I have had my share of wild and crazy times."


Brian was known as a joker by his friends. He was always the one who would get a funny idea and become the life of the party -- even if it was stealing his local high school rival's pet mascot or painting a dare on the overpass near his home.


Though Brian was never hauled in by the local cops, he was always sure to keep on the narrow side of the right side of the law. He always made sure he never really did anything that damaged anyone or anything. He was just a little wild.


Well, Brian's busy schedule may keep him from getting involved with Miss Right at this point in his career, but it also has its positive points, too. He's getting the recognition as an actor that he's always wanted -- and it's keeping him out of trouble. Now he doesn't have the time to run around post office parking lots and the like. And that's probably just as well. What would it look like for Deputy Hawkins to be busted by the local cops?