Excerpts from ...

Soap Opera People

"Next Stop Greenwich Village?"

by Don James


I've always enjoyed working with my hands," says Brian Kerwin, the lively, ingratiating 27-year-old blond replacement for James Houghton on CBS' glamour soap opera, Young and the Restless. "While you're sanding a tabletop, for instance, it's a wonderful time to let your mind go free. And it's really a creative outlet. Maybe if I keep on acting, I won't feel the need to express myself with my handwork. Because, previously, when I couldn't find employment as an actor, I did make a living with my hands."


"I remember the first time I got on stage in my freshman year and did a monologue from Spoon River Anthology. I was petrified. Absolutely mortified. The next year, when I got into acting classes and I did a scene from a Tennessee Williams' play, it went so well. All of a sudden that magic started happening. I felt, 'Hey, I can do this.' Once you get to that stage, the nerves aren't really there or not in the same way. You're not petrified, and you don't think everybody out there hates you. You just feel good about it."


Sooner or later, though, I think we'll both be settled in New York. Then, I can work there as an actor--on a soap, perhaps. I keep telling myself, 'Dustin Hoffman lives in New York. Al Pacino lives in New York. Why couldn't Brian Kerwin live in New York?'"