Loves and Hours
by Stephen Metcalfe

We are introduced to Dan Tilney (Brian Kerwin), a veterinarian recently divorced by his wife Linda (Nance Williamson), who left him for another woman, at his best friend's wedding. Although nearing 50, Harold (David Manis) is marrying Andrea (Nanka Sturgis), a fitness nut half his age. He's determined to introduce Dan to the joys of younger women but a frisky 25-year old (Charlotte Walker) propositions Dan during an IRS tax audit. In the meantime, Dan's single sister (Maureen Silliman) sets Dan up with Anne (Monique Fowler), a divorcee his own age. Soon Dan is juggling his emotions and his love life. As this is going on, Dan's college bound son (Brian Ibsen) starts an affair with his older married neighbor (Amanda Naughton) who's feeling neglected by her traveling and cheating spouse (Tom Tammi). Then Dan's daughter (Emmelyn Thayer), a doctor in L.A., announces she's in love with a much older man. There seems to be no generation gap when it comes to romance and sex among these Southern Californians.

Old Globe Theatre, San Diego