Excerpts from ...

People Weekly
March 31, 1986


"Rebellious Brian Kerwin Ends a Dry Spell With
Murphy's Romance"
Written by Michael Neill,
reported by Frank Sanello


They don't call this the land of opportunity for nothing. As a fat, unlovable troublemaker, young Brian Kerwin seemed destined for reform school.


Now, Kerwin is stealing only scenes. As Sally Field's good-ole-boy ex-husband, Bobby Jack, In Murphy's Romance, he shines as a scoundrel who is terrific in bed but a flop on his feet. "He's just a dear heart," says Field of Kerwin. Adds co-star James Garner, "Bobby Jack has no redeeming qualities, yet Brian was wonderful at it."


Observes Field: "I feel he's still a rebel, sort of a mischief maker, but not like a Hell's Angel. He wouldn't hurt anybody."


Mom and Dad weren't so sure. "Brian was the one [of four kids] who was always thinking of ways to get into mischief," says his mom, Elaine Moore. "We said if he ever gets through high school we'll be lucky." He did, and went on to earn an acting degree from the University of Southern California film school.