Excerpts from ...

Daytime TV
March 1977

"I'm a One-Woman Man"

by Betty Buchanan


"I'm a one-woman man," says Brian Kerwin, who plays Greg Foster on The Young and the Restless.


How do young and attractive people manage to devote themselves wholeheartedly to a career with all the temptations for a time-consuming social life? They're apt to be the people most in demand. "Be straight with people," Brian says. "They'll understand if your work is important to you. Romantic attractions ... friends ... parties ... good times ... You must have discipline in any career. I live alone in an apartment above the Sunset Strip where I have a view of the Crocker Bank and an ocean breeze that makes it over the hill."


Brian doesn't even own a TV set or a car. He bicycles everywhere and in a pinch can borrow a car from his brother's girl friend. One of his pastimes is taking walks, though it can be a little frustrating in Los Angeles, he finds. He was stopped by the police while taking a late night constitutional around the Pacific Design Center and asked to produce identification (which he didn't have on him) and a reason for being where he was.


The new Greg claims to have no hobbies. He still writes with his friend, has a strong interest in music and plays guitar and piano, likes "doodling away time going to the beach" and is serioiusly devoted to an acting workshop.


"I sing a little," he admits. "I was always interested in it, and fancied myself as a songwriter. I performed a few times at a coffee house when I was going to USC and also later at the clubs in the Village in New York. Nobody ever ran up with any RCA contracts."


Asked to describe his singing-song writing, he says, "Folk rock--like Bob Dylan, but not so good."